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Dr. Christopher Kasprick BS, DC

Dr. Chris is originally from Manitoba Canada.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Calgary in Calgary Alberta and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland Oregon.  He has practiced Chiropractic in Portland Oregon for 3 years, and in Moab Utah for 11 years prior Honolulu.  He and his wife Shelley have 3 girls.

He believes that we can all be healthier when in proper spinal alignment free from nervous system interference.  We live our lives through our nervous systems. It is the master system and controller of your body. Right now your heart is beating, kidneys are filtering, liver is functioning, brain chemicals are flowing all without you having to think about it. This is because your nervous system is coordinating it all and making it happen to the best of its ability. When your spinal alignment is off you can affect the ability of your nervous system to function normally. When a person is subluxated they are interfering with their nervous system which reduces their nervous system’s ability to heal, self regulate, and express well being in the body. Sometimes you are aware that this is happening and sometimes it is less obvious.  It is the primary goal of Dr. Chris to regularly detect and correct old and new subluxations so that you can optimize your nervous system and your spinal alignment.  You will feel better, relieved, and get back to your best version of you. Whether your goals are increased coordination, athletic performance, better concentration, or less physical symptoms we can help you attain your optimized level of health.

Dr. Maddie Bell BS, DC

Dr. Maddie understands that the health of the human body relies on an optimally functioning nervous system. Reaching optimum nervous system performance requires all joints of the body, including the spine, to be moving properly, and be supported effectively by the structures around joints including muscles, ligaments, and discs. The way a chiropractor looks for areas that can be optimized is by finding subluxations in the spine. A subluxation essentially means that a joint between two bones isn’t moving properly, and therefore the nerves connected to that joint aren’t communicating efficiently. The subluxation can be connected to many of the body’s common problems including things like neck, shoulder, and back pain, but also ear infections, GERD, reproductive issues and more. Correcting the subluxation allows the body to heal the area on the spine, and also heal all the areas our nervous system is connected to. One of the most important functions of the nervous system is to orient the position of the body in space, called proprioception. This helps our body to perform tasks such as writing with a pencil, throwing a ball or even just moving from a seated position to standing. Without this sense of where we are in space, the body struggles to position itself correctly to perform the task in an ergonomic way (a way that doesn’t put extra stresses on the body) and other parts of the body must compensate, causing subluxations and other injuries. Think of how it feels to step down where you think there is another step, but there isn’t. That strange feeling is essentially what is happening when your body can’t orient itself using its sense of proprioception which causes stressors on the brain and body, distracting you from focusing on your daily tasks and activities. It is the primary goal of Dr. Maddie to help you optimize your health by detecting and correcting subluxations, and hold onto that health by use of regular care, and nutritional support. She will work with you to establish benchmarks to encourage you along in your progress, and you will feel more energized, more capable, and more resilient to face life head on and accomplish your goals.

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